About Us

Amaaris began with the discovery of two immensely talented tennis players: Jafreen Shaik and L Sai Chandan. Their achievements in their field were admirable and we were surprised that this was the first time we were hearing about them. We soon learnt more about the pair and their aspiration to be a part of the Deaflympics in 2021. However, this ambition would fall short if they weren’t able to have a great training regime and be able to participate in numerous tournaments to get a ranking. As these players are also hearing and speech-impaired, they usually need a companion when traveling anywhere, be it for training or tournaments. This causes the costs of the process to rise and makes it difficult for the players to sustain an expensive training regime. To support the players, we partnered with the Zeeshan Ali Tennis Academy (ZATA) based in Bangalore, who have been providing them with training and accommodation. Along with ZATA, Amaaris aims to contribute as much as we can to ensure the players have the facilities they need to work towards their dreams.

Meaning Behind Our Name and Logo

Amaaris, in Hebrew, translates to “Promised by God”, and in Spanish, “the child of the moon”.

The name “Amaaris” was strategically chosen as we believe that every individual, when born under the light of the sun and moon, was promised a life in a world where everyone is treated equally. And we strive to contribute our bit by leveling the playing field and helping two talented tennis players, achieve their Deaflympic dream.

Our logo is a pictorial representation of our purpose- it illustrates a tennis ball, soaring into the air to reach new heights. The colour of the lines, representing the direction of travel, corresponds with the colour scheme of the Deaflympics logo. The tennis ball is in the shape of a crescent moon, further adhering to our meaning, while it also has taken the colours and look of a tennis ball, making it relevant to our cause.

Our cause: Deaflympics 2021


The young hearing impaired tennis player from Kurnool, went on to become an accomplished player, representing India in the Deaflympics in 2013 and 2017.

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Sai Chandan

L. Sai Chandan is a talented hearing impaired tennis player. Currently he is undergoing training under five times national champion Zeeshan Ali at the Zeeshan Ali Tennis Academy in Bangalore to participate and win the Deaflympics 2021. 

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Zeeshan Ali is the national Davis Cup coach and also in the senior selection committee of the national tennis federation AITA. His academy ZATA has taken the responsibility to fund the two player’s accommodation, coaching, fitness and all meals.

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