Our Team

Riti Bhatia
Her hobbies includes making tonnes of To Do lists.

Riti Bhatia

Riti Bhatia is a student from Sreenidhi International School, Hyderabad, who is currently in the first year of the IB Diploma Program. Riti enjoys keeping her plate full (figuratively), complaining about her schoolwork, and making long and organized lists with tasks, subtasks, and sub-subtasks that she has to complete. She is what you would call a control freak, as she likes to burden herself with responsibilities, but then complain about the lack of help she receives. Needless to say, Riti is responsible for the logistics and execution.

Neha Chopra

Neha Chopra is currently in the first year of the IB Diploma Program, studying at Sreenidhi International School, Hyderabad. She is one of the 3% of teenagers that are morning people, which can cause inconveniences as she wakes up when most of her friends go to bed. Her obsessions include stalking fat dogs on Instagram, Beyoncé, and not throwing away pretty cardboard boxes. Though if given a choice Neha would permanently sport a grey sweatshirt, her use of colours on the canvas and almost non-executable ideas have gotten her the position of the Creative Director of Amaaris.
Neha Chopra
Exploits the “artistic licence” to convince her mother to let her keep her room messy.
Perpetually obsessed with felines.  

Madhuri Lidhoo

Madhuri Lidhoo, the IB-DP1 student from Indus International School, Hyderabad, is an aspiring entrepreneur. Madhuri in the future is what you would call a crazy cat lady, except she currently has two dogs. She is known for her unhealthy obsessions with clicking pictures of even mediocre-looking plants, Harry Potter, an exceedingly milky drink she claims to call “coffee”, and obviously, cats. Having read almost every book ever written, Madhuri takes pride in her writing and so is the head of communications and content writing along with finance for Amaaris.

Aarya Reddy

Aarya Reddy is an eleventh grader studying in Chirec International School, Hyderabad, who has watched every anime out there. His craze for musicians that are unheard of by literally everyone else sets him apart from all the Drake and Khalid fans. Aarya claims to be a “people person” and strives to prove that right, which often ends up in awkward conversations and nervous laughter, but you can always count on Aarya to keep the atmosphere light make people around him laugh, even if its at him. Aarya is responsible for the marketing for Amaaris.
Weirdly proud of his YouTube playlist

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